Never Visited Geneva? Less than ten minutes train journey – go exploring!

Geneva airport has its own train station which has a shuttle train that runs into the centre of Geneva itself. If you find yourself at the airport with a few hours to kill before the transfer arrives, jump on the train and go exploring! Geneva airport has a great left luggage facility so you don’t have to take your bags with you. Journey time into town is less than 10 minutes and a return ticket costs around 3 swiss francs (£2.50).

If you wanted to stay the night in Geneva there are plenty of hotels to choose from, whatever your budget:

  • City Hostel Geneva – From as little as 30€ per person per night this comfortable hostel is located in the heart of the city centre. Basic, clean and comfortable it’s ideal for those on a budget to get a good night’s sleep after exploring Geneva.
  • Hotel St Gervais – From £60 per room this comfortable hotel is located in the city centre just a block away from the railway station for easy access back to the airport in the morning.

For more information and a full range of hotels either within the city centre or near the airport visit


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